The Limited Company SARL GENTY BRUNEL was founded in 1980 by Mr GENTY, Manager, and Mr BRUNEL, Technical Director.

"We were very young, courageous, and above all we had a great determination to succeed. We started with a second-hand backhoe-loader and truck. We worked hard not counting our time or our efforts."

Creation of two earthmoving gangs, mainly for the installation of dry networks.
Acquisition of a building of 800 m² (including offices) on a plot of 6 500 m².

Purchases of rockets and shoots to drill from Ø 75 to Ø 600, on lengths from 1 to 40 meters.

In May 1995, we expanded our business and bought a Horizontal directional drilling unit (12 ton) to implement networks without open trenches, which are always an inconvenience. Horizontal directional drilling is a technique well developed in Northern Europe. We were the first French company to possess this type of equipment for compact soil (rock).

In July 1999, we acquired a more powerful 27 ton horizontal directional drilling unit, to sustain our growth in this area.

July 2008 Mr Brunel buys Mr Genty’s shares.

January 2009 Sale of the earthmoving activity, the company is renamed : Brunel Forage Horizontal Dirigé

Here are a few newspaper articles on our work.